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Design Course Gallery

Ballyfermot College FET Campus

This gallery shows a small sample of student work from the Graphic Design course at BCFE. While the majority of students have little or no experience with graphic design software at the start on the course, within weeks they are producing impressive design material.

What skills are taught?

The quality of student work by the end of second year allows them to easily move into graphic design employment, or progress to advanced entry of a level eight honours degree programme. For a general overview of the HND in Graphic Design course at BCFE go to the Home Page, this page covers the course in much greater detail.

For more information on the entry requirements for the HND in Graphic Design at BCFE go to the Application Page.

Photo Compositing

Commercial photo compositing involves skilfully and seamlessly combining different photographic images to create a visual composition that answer the needs of a design problem. When students are given a particular design problem, they must first plan out a solution using ideas generation. They then implement the Photoshop skills they have learnt in class to create that composite solution. Below are some examples of student photo composite designs from a range of different projects.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity (branding) is probably the skill most associated with graphic design. A well-crafted and refined brand design can be a very powerful visual asset, but there is so much more to this design discipline than simply making a visual mark. Students not only learn how create well designed and impactful branding, but also how to effectively apply brands to different media and how to specify the branding guidelines that should always accompany every design.

UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is generally considered a new discipline, when in fact it’s been around in one form or another for millennia. It is quite simply the design of something based on user needs to create the best possible user experience. For example when you see a handle on a heavy fire door your instinct is to pull the door open, but to your frustration you should have pushed. Good UX design would have required that a push plate be put on that side of the door rather than a handle. Our UX module covers industry standard techniques for enhanced user experience on a range of digital platforms. Beautiful design coupled with user centred experience.

Editorial Design

The skill and finesse required to effectively handle type is an aspect of graphic design that non-designers constantly underestimate. Whether it is large amounts of body copy or just titles and captions, the skill required to handle this well cannot be understated. Good typography can make or break a design, when handled with skill it can enhance an illustration or even become an illustration in its own right. When text is handled poorly and without knowhow even the most beautiful images cannot save the design.

Digital Illustration

Digital illustration is delivered and incorporated in modules right across our two-year programme, whether it is creating commercial art to accompany an editorial piece, visuals on packaging or a standalone poster, illustration in all its styles and techniques is an integral part of our graphic design course. We cover everything from vector illustration to digital painting, all with a professional commercial focus delivered to the highest possible standards. Below are a range of examples of the different types of illustration projects our students have completed.

Packaging Design

Packaging is an interesting and exciting aspect of graphic design, it requires a broad range of different design skills including illustration, typography, photography as well as 3-D. The number of different types of products that require packaging, each requiring their own unique set of needs from materials and structure to information and graphics. Packaging projects are challenging in so many ways but offer designers the opportunity to create something functional and beautiful. Below are a range of examples of the different types of packaging projects our students have completed.

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